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OMG That's So Mitzi

Some Highlights from Instagram

January 18, 2019

OMG That's So Mitzi

Some Highlights from Instagram

January 18, 2019

When we came up with the hashtag #mymitzi, we knew we'd get some pretty adorable pics of people's pets in the feed, and we have not been disappointed. But we only dared to dream the kinds of spaces we had in mind when designing our evergrowing collection would so soon be featuring our lights and tagging/hashtagging us. 

Today, we're sharing some beautiful spaces we've reposted recently on our Instagram account and gushing about what makes them SO. GOOD.

And not only so good, but also—dare we say it—so Mitzi.


Is this a beautiful and inviting dining space or what? We love the contrast between hard/soft and angular/curvy. An indoor plant or two soften the hard lines and edges of the space. Floor-to-ceiling dusky blush curtains also soften the harsh glare of the daylight on a mostly-white space. The thick greyish rug adds yet another softening touch.

Our Carrie lifts the whole space, creating a dynamic presence in the center of the room. Between the millwork, table, bench, and framed picture, the room needs something with round edges, but nothing that will overwhelm the space. Carrie's soft glam and playful sense of proportion pull it off with panache.

There is no #somitzi hashtag yet, like there is for the influential shelter mag Domino, but when we look at spaces like these, we think there could be. These three dining spaces are all quite different, and yet, they have a certain Mitzi sensibility that makes our fixtures a natural fit. Organic forms, unorthodox minimalism, personality-infused eclecticism, a touch of the geometric and the faceted, and always, always a layering of contrasting textures. 

Speaking of eclecticism, this office space! We love how the traditionally masculine vibe of wooden mid-century modern furniture is balanced out with our Leigh lantern in pink, the glam touch of brass and gold accents, and that throw on the chair. A home office should keep you motivated and upbeat, and we think this one nails it. 

We love these bath spaces.

In the first, by Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, an awesome tile installation on the floor, subway tile on the walls, a touch of concrete, and a simple glamour mirror give the space both the dramatic interest and restrained minimalism its black-and-white palette and limited size require. We love how shapely Cora and the dark tone of our Old Bronze finish complement the space while making an ideal vanity light situation (uplights and downlights, side-lighting the face). 

In the latter, how good is that yellow door? And it doesn't stop there, as mermaid-tail scale tile on the floor contrasts with an earthy rug. We love how color and the natural world are used throughout this space, at once calming and energizing, which is exactly what a bathroom should feel like. Our Haley's brass wire guard plays off the yellow door, beautifully.

Here's Cora again, this time in brass, in a very different space and function, demonstrating her versatility. Illuminating a huge painting and the passageway between sectional couch and door, the black-white-and-brass combo and clean lines elevate the space—a kind of breezy indoor-outdoor living space by Jamie of Studio Gaspo.

Like with the yellow door above, our Aged Brass finish again contributes to a positive and uplifting atmosphere, playing with all the colors around it in this beautiful scullery below, this time in the form of our Ashleigh semi-flush mount. Again, some yellow in the form of that gooseneck sink faucet helps tie it together. We love the mixed metals and eclecticism in this space, and how much a colorful runner can do for a space.  

While Mitzi, name and all, has definite feminine connotations, it works just as well in spaces that lean "masculine," at least as traditionally conceived, or a more earthy neutral version of feminine.

These spaces show just what we mean.

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