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The Space-saving Magic of Flush and Semi-flush Mounts

Small Spaces, Big Impact

July 25, 2019

The Space-saving Magic of Flush and Semi-flush Mounts

Small Spaces, Big Impact

July 25, 2019

Low ceilings put a damper on grandiose visions of oversized chandeliers, but they don't need to be a killjoy. You can have all the glamour and visual intrigue you want with a smart flush mount that complements your space, working with its spatial limitations.

A flush mount can play a supporting role, providing the necessary ambient layer of light while being close to invisible. But the flush and its slightly lower-hanging cousin the semi-flush mount may also be a major decorative factor, adding no small amount of allure and even tying a room together.  

Entryways are often an excellent space for a flush or semi-flush mount. Low ceilings, doors opening inward, immediate hallways leading from them—all point toward these ceiling-huggers as the right choice. As Avery above shows, it's an opportunity to add some color and fun as a welcoming hello!

Kitchenettes, dining areas adjacent to the kitchen, and breakfast nooks all need some ambient light overhead or nearby. Flush and semi-flush mounts save space, add just the right decorative touch, and help make the place something both special and approachable. Paige and Aira did the trick here, with one lighting the whole kitchen area and the other bringing geometric interest and contrast to an area dedicated to two sitting, eating, and drinking.  

Bedrooms are another space where a flush or semi are often the best choice, due to ceiling height, accommodating a bed frame, and the increased importance of task and accent light.   

For those in a ranch or bungalow trying on some soft boho, it adds decorative interest, provides the essential ambient layer of light, and does so without any one risking bumping their heads on it. Look no further than the vibes Grace brings to this bedroom.

But the center of the room is not the only place for one. Some homeowners don't put enough thought into their closets. You'll need light to see your clothes. Which category of lighting will best serve this task depends on how clothes are stored and/or displayed at your home. For closets with a little depth or ones with ceiling space nearby, a flush mount might be just the thing.



As our in-depth blog post on the above space proved, flush and semi-flush mounts are a creative way to take on odd or "problem" spaces in a house, turning them into a welcome oasis, a place made for getting away and reconnecting. 

Attics, secret rooms behind closets, odd corners, rooms that seem too small or out of the way for practical use—these are spaces calling out for an imaginative flush or semi-flush to help in creating a special place with unique charm.

Lastly, an office space, at home or at an office building, might be enhanced by a flush mount with high design sensibility behind it. Keep your work place inspiring with an inspired light fixture like Tara, a rug with some character, and cool wallcoverings. 

 Homeowner: Cassie Bustamonte

Before finishing up, you may have been wondering, 'What's the difference?'

A flush mount goes flush to the ceiling, keeping all its wiring and bits out of sight.

A semi-flush mount is dropped from the ceiling a little bit. It depends a little lower so that it can fit its decorative charms into the space on a smaller scale than a pendant or chandelier version of it might. Arms might branch out from the canopy parallel with the ceiling. 

For many years, the tyranny of the the so-called "boob light" peered down from ceilings, a cyclopean scourge for interior designers and homeowners alike. But that's changed, and there are daring, inventive, stylish flush mounts aplenty now. Get in on the action!

Explore Mitzi's flush mounts and semi-flush mounts and see what a big impact on a small space they might make for you.