With 2018 around the corner, publishing leaders in interior design, architecture and pop culture are introducing their new year trend forecasts. According to these industry powerhouses, 2018 will see a return to high contrast color schemes, tactile fabrics, artisan lighting, attention-grabbing ceilings and statement walls. Striking rather than subtle, together these trends construct an ideal environment for Corbett Lighting’s assortment of sculptural and glamorous interior selections.

Couch: AllModern
Pillows: CB2
Wallpaper: Anthropologie
Lighting: Corbett Lighting (see below)


1. Black and White Color Schemes

Who Spotted It: Popsugar and Huff Post
Graphic, high-contrast blacks and whites return to the home this year in the form of geometric throw pillows, table accents, plant holders and more. The juxtaposition of these dichotomous colors draws the eye from solid surfaces and monochrome fittings to selected points of interest within a room.

2. Velvet Furnishings and Accents

Who Spotted It: House Beautiful and Huff Post
The 2017 upsurge of velvet on the runway has trickled into home furnishings and decor, bringing with it velvet upholstered sofas and accent chairs, as well as cushions and curtains. The distinctively soft fabric reveals natural variations in color when combed different directions, adding texture and dimension to an interior’s palette.

3. Artisan Fixtures

Who Spotted It: House Beautiful
Lighting pendants, sconces, chandeliers, and flush mounts with thoughtful design and a human touch rise to the fore as focal points of 2018 design. Corbett Lighting’s expressive and provocative statement lighting fixtures come to center stage as artisan works. Drawing upon our precise manufacturing specifications and the capabilities of our skilled artisans, we create visionary pieces where the machined and the handcrafted meet.

Favorites for 2018 include:

The Piet collection features large pieces of impressive, hand-blown glass offered in three unique shapes. A tubular diffuser spreads warm light from its LED light source evenly throughout the glass. These unique round, almond or tapered bubbles are pierced by elongated, tapered stems accented by polished stainless steel. Piet is available in two variations: smoked glass with a silver graphite leaf finish or straw glass with gold leaf. The pendant is designed to illuminate beautifully on its own or showcase an entirely different aesthetic when grouped together.



Blurring the line between abstract, sculptural art,and practical illumination, Metropolis is a study in modern form. Comprised of interconnecting cube, the hand-crafted iron frame surrounds the high-powered LED light source. Suspended by aircraft cables that enclose the micro power cord, Metropolis appears to float in midair. This architectural LED collection offers universal dimming, is finished in Gold Leaf,and is available in four pendant options of differing sizes, as an ADA sconce, or as a semi-flush mount.

4. Statement Ceilings

Who Spotted It: Elle Decor
Up, up, and accented: 2018 reimagines the common ceiling as an opportunity to catch the eye. This “fifth wall” opens up a new surface for imagination, a new canvas for creative experimentation with texture and color. Whether using painted designs or punchy wallpaper, the statement ceiling introduces unexpected pattern pops and unique flair.

5. High Gloss Lacquered Walls

Who Spotted It: Domino
With the revival of black and white and a newfound interest in playing up interior surfaces, high gloss lacquered walls fit into 2018’s home trends. Their glossy sheen counters the matte appeal of previous years, smoothly reflecting light as a glass-like surface. Ideal for rich Hollywood Regency styles, expect to find this light-disseminating surface in homes throughout the new year.